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Cheng Manching 37 form: posture names in several languages

According to my Taijiquan styles survey, the Cheng Manching 37 form is one of the most practiced forms. I guess that is because Cheng Manching (also Zheng Manqing, 鄭曼青, 1902-1975) was one of the first to bring Taijiquan to the West. And many of his students are still active, teaching, and writing books. Continue reading

Tai Chi 24 form moves in Chinese, Pinyin, English & 4 other languages

The Tai Chi 24 form (24式太极拳) is most likely the Tai Chi form with the most practitioners in China and worldwide. However, there are no precise numbers confirming that, but it is for sure one of the most known Tai Chi forms. And even if you practice another form (especially Yang style forms), you will probably recognize some of the Tai Chi 24 form moves: Continue reading