Practice makes you …

I recently did a Udemy course on EFT (more on that topic in on of my next blog posts). And in that course, the teacher said something really interesting:

Practice makes you natural.

Actually, he said “practice makes you…” and I thought: perfect. But I resisted that thought immediately.

With to anything I have learned so far, I never felt like doing it perfectly. And I know that all the masters, of Tai Chi and Qi gong or any other topic, the masters are not perfect. They make mistakes, too!

However, that teacher said: “practice makes you natural”.

And that is totally in line with what I experience whenever I practice a lot of Tai Chi and Qi Gong. 

It seems as if my Tai Chi and Qi Gong practice transcends into my everyday life. My body moves more naturally. My mind flows more naturally. 

And that is what I think is one of the great benefits of Tai Chi and Qi gong: to become more natural in my body, mind and spirit. 

I do not aim at perfection. I am at being me. Being my true nature.

What about you? Just think about it: do you want to be perfect? Or do you want to be natural? There is no judgment, just explore yourself and figure out what you prefer and strive for!

List of Live Online Tai Chi Classes & Qi Gong Classes during Corona

As many Tai Chi and Qi Gong schools are closed, teachers and students turn to learn online. And I think it is amazing how we can benefit from technology.

And there are so many options! To help you find one for you, I create this list. I want to show you the many live online Tai Chi classes & Qi Gong classes that are available right now.

Let’s get through this crisis together and take our time to practice!

List of live online Tai Chi Classes and Qi Gong classes

I created a calendar so you can check which class will be offered next. I hope it works! And if you have any comments or additional live online classes, feel free to contact me!

Time should be your local class (I use this calendar program for the first time). But you can also check within the description.

Click on the class that is interesing for you – and remember that for some free classes you need to get in touch with the teacher first!

Calendar for FREE live online Qi Gong classes & Tai Chi

[MEC id=”2400″]

For now I will concentrate on LIVE classes. Many classes will be recorded, so you can check them later. But in this list I concentrate on LIVE online classes for Tai Chi (Taijiquan) and Qi Gong.

Below is a list with even more online courses. Some lessons are for free, some are paid. It list is in no particular order. I thought about ordering it by country (because of the time zones), but I decided not to. I want to give you the opportunity to practice whenever wherever from teachers all over the world. We, as Tai Chi and Qi Gong practicioners, are a truly global community! Let’s celebrate that with some awesome online classes!

Live online Tai Chi classes and Qi Gong classes

If you know of a live online Tai Chi teacher or Qi Gong teacher who is not listed here, feel free to contact me and send me the link to their homepage.

If you still cannot find something, check out my list of 5-Minute-Qi Gong videos or 10-minute-Qi Gong videos.

And no matter where you are: remember to breath! It’s even more important during a crisis to take your breaks and unwind. You will make better choices when you are relaxed.

Happy Qi!


The Taijiquan & Qi Gong Dictionary - especially for Tai Chi beginners

Big international Qi Gong & Tai Chi events 2020

I just love to connect with Taijiquan & Qi Gong enthusiasts all around the world. That’s actually the reason why I write my blog in English even though my mothertongue is German. And I have to admit that I have never been to a conference or big push hands meeting, but I would really like to go to such an event. And there are so many Qi Gong & Tai Chi Events 2020!

I am sure you can find many more events, meetings, workshops etc. But I wanted to concentrate on the BIG international meetings and conferences. So my criteria to choose the Qi Gong & Tai Chi events 2018 on my list are:

  • Minimum 3 days long
  • Minimum 3 different teachers
  • Possibility to participate in English or have translations to English (especially when the event is in a non-English-speaking country)

Just choose an event you would like to go to – there are so many possibilities and locations. I am sure you’ll find one of these big international Qi Gong & Tai Chi events 2020 right for you! You could even plan your vacation around such an event, they happen in really great places.

And if you know about other events that match my criteria, feel free to write me an eMail!

Big International Qi Gong & Tai Chi Events 2020

International Push Hands Meeting Hannover: Logo

International Push Hands Meeting Hanover

February 26th – March 1st 2020 in Hanover, Germany

For the 20th time, push hands beginners and enthusiasts meet in Hanover. Mornings are filled with workshops for all levels, afternoons are filled with free push hands opportunities.

Austrian Qi Gong Days

May 15th – 17th 2020 in Gut Chiemsee, Germany

Topic of this meeting of the Austrian Qi Gong Association and German Qi Gong Association is „Sehnsucht nach Ganzheit“ (“longing for wholenesse”).

International Tai Chi Festival “Democritus of Abdera”

May 22th – 24th 2020 in Xanthi, Greece

International exchange meeting between teachers, experts and friends of Tai Chi Chuan and Qi Gong of Europe and the Balkan area aiming to enhance friendship and expertise in the ancient Chinese internal martial and movement art. Exploring Tai Chi through philosophy with an approach of the work of the great philosopher Democritus of Abdera.

International Taiji-Push Hands-Meeting

June 11th – June 14th 2020 in Hassfurt, Germany

This meeting provides TAIJI – practitioners of all styles (Yang, Chen, Wu, Fu …) a friendly and harmonious atmosphere to practice, to get to know, to share experiences,… . But the important thing is to go deep into the art of TAIJIQUAN.

Drachen und Tiger – Open Air Pushing Hands Meeting

June 19th- 21st in Bremen, Germany

open air pushing hands meeting

Logo of Tai Chi Caledonia Event

Tai Chi Caledonia

July 10th – July 17th 2020 in Stirling, UK

2020 is the 25th time that this week of Tai Chi, Qi Gong & Chinese Internal Arts takes place in the heart of Scotland.

NQA Annual Qi Gong Conference

July 24th – 26th 2020, Albany (NY), USA

Over the past 23 years, the National Qigong Assocation has hosted this conference to share Qigong. In 2018, there will be two conferences in April (East) and October (West, only two days).

Les Rencontres Jasnières

July 24th – July 26th 2020 in Marçon, France

This event is the oldest international Taijiquan meeting across different styles in Europe. It emphazises friendly and non-competitive exchange of experiences, skills, and push hands. (This meeting on a camping ground has no commercial organisator, thus openness and self organisation is expected!)

North Sea Tai Chi Festival

August 14th- 18th 2020 Haarlem, The Netherlands

This is a 3-day outdoor Tai Chi festival, open to all styles, related disciplines and levels.

International Push Hands Meeting in Prague

September 11th – 13th in Prague, Czech Republic

This meeting consists of workshop in the mornings and free Push Hands in the afternoons.

Now those are a lot of big Qi Gong & Tai Chi events 2020! I am sure there are some more, so please contact me if you know of another meeting that meets my criteria (min. 3 days, min. 3 teachers, English).

And of course I want to wish all organizers and participants success and a good time:

Have fun! Learn a lot! Connect with each other!

Happy Qi!


P.S.: You can find a list of open Tai Chi tournaments here!

And I would like to add one more big event: the World Tai Chi & Qi Gong Day on April 25th, 2020 which is celebrated all over the world!

4 reasons why I resist practicing

Over the last couple of weeks I tried to practice Taijiquan and Qi Gong every day.

Well, I tried.

I did practice on many days, but not every day. Sometimes I had a whole week without doing any exercises or form running at all.

And I started thinking: why? I know a lot of reasons why I WANT to practice. But I started thinking: are there reasons WHY NOT to practice?  Continue reading