Be water, my friend? The water drinking challenge for martial artists

be water - the water drinking challenge for martial artists

I guess we all know that famous quote by Bruce Lee: Be water, my friend. And as I read that again and again on Pinterest and Instagram, I kept thinking: am I drinking enough water to be water? I just felt like I wanted to start a little water drinking challenge. A water challenge especially for martial artists. 

And I challenge you: do you drink enough water? It is often recommended to drink 8 classes of water or unsweetened water per day. Do you drink that much?

I have to admit that I do not drink as much. For me, having 8 glasses per day is REALLY a drinking water challenge. To actually drink that much water, I actually need to track my drinking. Thus I created a little printable. And even though there are many great printables online already, I wanted to have one with a martial arts twist. Have a look at it, what do you think?

water drinking challenge printable for martial artists

I keep this in the kitchen as a constant reminder. You can download my water drinking challenge printable here.

Now if you want to drink more (water!), do you want to join me? Just print it, put it in your kitchen and try to cross off all the classes for the day!

I will do the same and I hope that after 14 days I will be in the habit of drinking 8 glasses water (or unsweetened tea). Now start you own little water drinking challenge and get healthier!

Happy Qi!



P.S.: One tip: please do not put ice in your water. It is actually much better to drink water at room temperature or tea than ice cold water. Make this a part of your martial arts diet plan!





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