The best Qi Gong books for beginners

I’ve already written a list with the best Qi Gong books. However, I want to be more specific and tell you what I think are the best Qi Gong books for beginners.

First of all: do you already learn Qi Gong? Because if you do you could ask your teacher about a Qi Gong book for beginners he or she recommends. A book that is specifically useful for the Qi Gong exercises you learn in your class.

Because there are many Qi Gong books for beginners that will teach you moves. And there are also many Qi Gong DVDs for beginners.

However, if you are an absolute beginner, learning Qi Gong moves from a book or a DVD is quite hard. Personally, I think you will benefit A LOT if you learn the moves from a teacher directly. Later, when you are not a beginner anymore, you might want to add Qi Gong videos from YouTube or online courses to your curriculum.

Thus I would like to focus on Qi Gong books for beginners in general. These books will help you understand Qi Gong in general.

So let’s start with a book, when you read the title, you might be confused: Talking about Acupuncture*

You think: ACUPUNCTURE? And I say: the title of this book is really misleading. Because it is actually an introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It is a small paperback and really easy to read. It will take you less than a day to read it! And afterwards you will understand all these strange things your teacher says about the “5 elements” and “the ears belong to the kidneys” etc.

Really, I think this book is a must-read for anyone who is into Qi Gong. Not only beginners, but EVERYONE. I am sure you will enjoy reading Talking about Acupuncture*.

Come back to this article AFTER you’re done reading that book. Order it now and come back the next week and continue reading 😉 .  THEN I recommend you can have a look at this classic: “The Way of Qi Gong”*:

This is a big big book and you will learn a lot from it. Ken Cohen is a well-known Qi Gong master. His book is a must-have on all Qi Gong bookshelves. And you will read it again and again and again and find something new each time you read it!

After that, you can just continue reading any book from my list of best Qi Gong books. Or if you’d like to get deeper into Traditional Chinese Medicine, have a look at my – guess what – list of best TCM books!

Last but not least I would like to recommend another book. Actually I wrote this book myself! It is The Taijiquan & Qi Gong Dictionary*! Because while reading and learning Qi Gong, you will encounter many strange (Chinese!) words, terms and concepts. And if you are like me, you probably don’t like to go online and google every time you read or hear one of those strange things. Thus this dictionary will sure be handy to have close to you on your Qi Gong journey:

The Taijiquan & Qi Gong Dictionary - especially for Tai Chi beginners

Happy Qi!





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