Qi Gong shoes – what you need to know to find the right ones

If you ask yourself which Qi Gong shoes you should wear to a Qi Gong class, the most basic answer is:


Because basically, you can go barefooted to your Qi Gong class. You’ll find that is a great relief for your feet if they are normally boxed in shoes!

However, there are reasons not to practice barefoot. One is that in your school might not allow students to go barefooted for hygeniec reasons.

Or if you are like me and freeze easily, you might want to put on some socks. Specifically during Qi Gong meditations I like to stay warm and comfortable.

Just any socks will do, you won’t need any special ones. Just make sure there are no holes in them. You want to relax during class and not constantly be conscious about that cheeky big toe

And just for fun have a look at these Yin Yang socks on amazon:

I find it actually quite amazing, how many Yin Yang socks are available on Amazon*! Even if you don’t like the ones above, I am sure you can find others you prefer.

Now if you don’t want to go barefooted or in socks, there are also some shoes you could wear. I think the most important criterion for the best Qi Gong shoes is that they have a slim and flexible sole.

Because you want to be able to roll your feet. And move your ankles. As I mentioned before, you want to give your feet as much freedom as possible!

To find the best shoes for Qi Gong, I recommend you search for Tai Chi shoes or Kungfu shoes. They are made for martial arts, but they are really great for Qi Gong, too. Personally, I prefer these Tai Chi slippers with at cotton sole instead of a rubber sole. I feel more grounded with those cotton shoes. You can klick on the image below to have a look at these slippers on Amazon:

Or have a look at my blogpost about Tai Chi shoes. Especially if you plan to practice Taijiquan, too. Then I really recommend that you get shoes.

To sum it all up: if you go to your first Qi Gong class and you’re not sure what to wear, just wear socks. Later you can get more “professional” and buy some Qi Gong shoes.

And if you wonder what to wear to your Qi Gong class, have a look at my blogpost about Qi Gong clothing!

Have fun at Qi Gong class and happy Qi!


P.S.: If you already attend a Qi Gong class and you don’t understand the Chinese words and terms, have a look at The Taijiquan & Qi Gong Dictionary*!





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