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Where’s the passion in Taijiquan (Tai Chi)?

As you know, I like to blog. About Taijiquan (aka Tai Chi Chuan).

So I have Taijiquan buddies and I have blogging buddies: the Ironbloggers. That’s a group of bloggers that commit to post at least once a week otherwise you owe the beer pool 5€. In April 2016, there is a blog carnival held by the Ironbloggers from Munich and the topic is: Continue reading

15 fun Tai Chi Videos

There is a gazillion of Tai Chi videos on YouTube. And I truly love the diversity of them. There are some “dead serious” form videos and some videos show really helpful Tai Chi exercises or explanations on specific moves. And then there are videos I am not so sure, in which category to put them. I just call them fun Tai Chi videos. Have a look at them and decide for yourself: Continue reading