15 fun Tai Chi Videos

There is a gazillion Tai Chi videos on YouTube. I truly love the diversity of them. There are some “dead serious” form videos from all kinds of styles. Some videos show helpful healthy Tai Chi exercises or explanations on specific moves. You can learn a lot from then.

And then there are videos I am not so sure, in which category to put them. I just call them fun Tai Chi videos. Have a look at them and decide for yourself:

See what could happen if you film Chinese doing Tai Chi:

Or did you ever lie in bed and thought: “I don’t want to get up but I want to do my Tai Chi routine.” On-Back Tai Chi might be just the right thing for you:

After watching this next video I know how I look like when I try following a Tai Chi form I am not familiar with:

In this fun Tai Chi video you can see what it’s like to show up for Tai Chi too angry:

For those of us who cannot stand well, Jean Claude Van Damme shows us how to do Tai Chi in the splits:

In this video you see the solution to the old problem: how do I get my sword to training without being arrested for carrying a sword?

Or do you prefer Batman?

But now let’s have a look at a little bit of Tai Chi fighting:

Ok, that was pretty intense, so I got some cat centent for you to calm down:

Well, on to another important topic on the internet: weight loss!

Now you made it to the final two fun Tai Chi videos, these are definitely my favorites:

I really want to try this!

Finally, enjoy some more music with a fighting form:

If you want to have more fun, check out my collection of Tai Chi jokes!

Happy Qi!


15 fun Tai Chi videos





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