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Survey results: the most popular Tai Chi style

In fall 2016 I run a survey on which Tai Chi style is the most popular. I was just curious what the result would be. There are people who say that Yang style is the most popular style and 24 form the most practiced form. Well, I just wanted to really know some numbers.

So I started the survey on October 7th andTai Chi style survey 2016 by Qialance it was open until beginning of November. I talked about the survey on this blog, in my newsletter, in different Facebook groups and some other bloggers shared the survey, too.

In total I got 499 answers from all over the world! And I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who participated and shared. I think that is just terrific that the Internet gives us the opportunity to connect so easily.

And of course I want to share the results with you. Let’s start with an overview:

Tai Chi Style overview: Chen style vs. Yang style vs. others - survey by QialanceSo overall, Yang style is the most practiced Tai Chi style in the world. I guess that’s not really a surprise, however I find it quite strange that “others” is actually more than Chen!

Let’s have a more detailed look at the results:

Tai Chi Styles Survey 2016 results table - by QialanceOr if you prefer a visual:

Tai Chi Styles Survey 2016 results (by Qialance.com)

And these are my personal key findings from this survey:

  • I always thought that Chen style Tai Chi would be much stronger, as it is the original style. Now it seems that 24 form and Cheng Manching form are actually catching up in popularity! If you count Yang style Tai Chi + 24 form + Cheng Manching, that’s more than 50% of Taijiquan practitioners!
  • And then let’s talk about the Wu/Hao Style: less than 1% said that they practice it! That’s really not a lot, especially as the Wu/Hao style until now was considered one of the “main” styles.
  • On the other side, Wudang Taijiquan seems to be getting bigger! I did not ask for it, but as 4% mentioned it (more than Sun style!), I decided to extract it from the “others” section.

And if you are curious what else is in the “other” section, this is a large list of all the “others” mentioned from the Tai Chi style survey participants:

  • Chang Style
  • Chen Ming Style
  • Chen Pan Ling
  • Combined 42
  • Dong / Tung Style
  • Five Steps Tai Chi (Wuxing Taijiquan)
  • Free Style
  • Fu Style
  • Gu Style
  • Guang Ping Yang
  • Feng Hun Yuan
  • Huleijia
  • Hunyuan
  • IWUF Competition form
  • Khor Style
  • Kun Lun Tai Chi
  • Lee Style
  • Li Style
  • Mao
  • Mixed
  • Other
  • Qi Gong
  • Shayuquan
  • Southern Praying Mantis, Bagua, Qi Gong
  • Taoist
  • Teh Nei Nia Chuan
  • Wahnam
  • Xiong Style
  • My personal thoughts on this list: It’s quite a wild mix! But obviously everyone wanted to share which type of Taijiquan they practice. I just decided to leave them all in the survey.


Now what to you think about the result of this Taijiquan styles survey? Is Chen style seriously threatened by the Yang dominance? Will smaller styles like Wu/Hao or Sun be extinguished soon? And what about the future of Wudang in the Taijiquan family?

Let’s discuss!


P.S.: If you want to have a closer look at the survey results, I will surely send you all the answers as a PDF. Just enter your name and eMail here and you will have it in your inbox shortly!