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Barry Strugatz on his Cheng Man-Ching film: “The Professor: Tai Chi’s journey west”

You have probably already heard about Cheng Man-Ching (郑曼青, also Zheng Manqing or Cheng Man’ching, 1902-1975). Many consider him one of the greatest Tai Chi masters in modern times. He moved to New York City in the 1960s and started bringing Tai Chi Chuan to the West.

And now, in 2016, a Cheng Man-Ching film is about to be released. I had the chance to do an interview with Barry Strugatz, the director:

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15 fun Tai Chi Videos

There is a gazillion Tai Chi videos on YouTube. And I truly love the diversity of them. There are some “dead serious” form videos from all kinds of styles. Some videos show helpful healthy Tai Chi exercises or explanations on specific moves. You can learn a lot from then. And then there are videos I am not so sure, in which category to put them. I just call them fun Tai Chi videos. Have a look at them and decide for yourself:

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