You need to know that you can enjoy Qi Gong even if you feel … NOTHING

I remember the first years time in my Qi Gong class. After an exercise my teacher would occasionally ask: “what did you feel?”

Well, there were always students who would say something like “there was this warm feeling in my hands / shoulders / …”

Or “I could really feel the connection to Earth”.

Or “Qi was flowing down…”

And me? Well, for a long time, I just felt … nothing!

No tingling in my hands. No warm showers on my back. No fuzzy feeling in my feet. Nothing.

It reminded me of one of the songs from a very popular musical, A Chorus Line – the song is called: Nothing!

At first, it seemed quite devastating feeling nothing in Qi Gong when everyone was like “hush”, “I feel the air Qi”.

However, I just enjoyed the Qi Gong exercises. They did me good. I didn’t know how exactly, but it was just an overall feeling of “betterness”. So I continued.

I have to confess that I still do not feel as much as others do. Or at least as others say they do. But I increasingly enjoy that feeling of “betterness”. So I continue.

Maybe it is the same with you. If you think that all those people in your class (including the teacher) are talking strange stuff, just ask yourself: do the Qi Gong exercises feel good to me? Do I feel the “betterness”?

If so, just continue. I promise you, someday you will feel more. Because I’ve been where you are now.

And I continued. And now I can feel the tingling in my hands. The warm showers on my back (though my showers feel more like cold lava). The fuzzy feeling in my feet. There is something going on.

If you feel nothing now, dont’ give up. Trust your gut feeling. If you feel good after Qi Gong, continue. Enjoy the overall “betterness”. Do what feels right to you and not let anyone tell you what you should feel.

Happy Qi!


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