How to deal with mosquitos while practicing outdoors

I like to practice Taijiquan and Qi Gong outdoors. It’s just great to be surrounded by nature. However, nature includes mosquitos. And I don’t like them. Thus I want to share with you how I deal with mosquitos when practicing outdoors. And I tell you my secret weapon: bite away*!!!

How to deal with mosquitos BEFORE practice

Well, there are all kinds of anti-mosquito lotions. But honestly, most of them stink. So I try not to put them on. If I’m in an area with really a lot of mosquitos, then I like to have a citronella candle somewhere close to me.

Another precaution I take is to wear long trousers and sometimes even a longsleeve. Just give those bloodsuckers a smaller area to attack!

How to deal with mosquitos DURING practice

I try to ignore them as much as I can. It does happen occassionally that I feel the gnat bite right when it starts – then I actually slap that bodypart. But mostly I try to ignore them. They are just a part of nature, too, right? And I have to say that the area where I practice outdoors (Germany), mosquitos are not as infectious as in other places. If you practice e.g. in a Dengue Fever or Malaria area, please take nore precautions!

How to deal with mosquitos AFTER practice: Bite Away!

There is a reason why I do not mind as much if a mosquito bit me. I actually seem to attrack them. As we say in Germany: I’ve got “sweet blood”.

However I found a device that helps to take the itching feeling away. It’s invented and produced in Germany, but available in other countries, too. I take that device with me on every vacation. It is called “bite away”*. Basically what it does is this: there is a small section on the front, you put that onto the bite, it get quite hot and it destroys the mosquito encymes. It’s really great!

I want to be honest: yes, it hurts a little bit. However, what are some seconds of pain compared to hours of itching and scratching? Thus I endure it. And then I just continue with my day and I am no longer bothered by mosquito bites.

And I am not the only one, the “bite away” reviews on Amazon are really good!

Happy Qi!


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