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Exactly one year ago I published this blogpost to announce my book The Taijiquan & Qi Gong Dictionary!And I am happy to say that I think it is a success. Many other Tai Chi and Qi Gong bloggers wrote about it (here, here, here, here, here).

The Taijiquan & Qi Gong Dictionary - especially for Tai Chi beginners

And I currently have 9 reviews on Amazon.com, 6 of them rating the book with 5 stars!!!

Now if you are STILL not sure if you want to buy The Taijiquan & Qi Gong Dictionary, I have a little something. I will share one complete letter. I actually already shared some Chinese numbers and now you can read through the letter X and all the meanings:

X from The Taijiquan & Qi Gong Dictionary*


  1. breath.

  2. happiness, delight.

Xia down, downwards.

Xia Bu Kua Gong Stepping backward into riding stance or Step back to wrap with forearm or Step back and spread arms. A Taijiquan move.

Xia Bu Kua Hu Crouch step astride the tiger. A Taijiquan move.

Xia Dantian Lower Dantian, located in the lower abdomen below the navel. Associated with Qi. This point is known as Qi Hai (Sea of Qi) in acupuncture.

Xia Jiao lower burner, located in the lower abdomen. See also: San Jiao.

Xian immortal. Can mean a Daoist sage or a person who has attained enlightenment.

Xiang Gong Fragrance or Aromatic Qi Gong. A Qi Gong form.

Xian Ren Zhi Lu the Immortal Points the Way. A Taijiquan move.

Xian Tai Holy Embryo.

Xian Tian Qi Pre-Birth Qi, Pre-Heaven Qi, Prenatal Essence, Inherited Essence. The Qi that is acquired from the parents at conception and during gestation. It is stored in the Kidney and not replenishable.

Xiao filial piety, meaning the virtue of respect for one’s parents, elders and ancestors.

Xiaohai acupuncture point 8 on the Small Intestine meridian (SI-8), translated as Small Sea.

Xiao Jia small frame. A style within Chen style Taijiquan.

Xiao Jiu Tian Small Nine Heaven. An old Taoist routine, credited as one of the predecessors of Taijiquan.

Xiao Lu Small Rollback. A Taijiquan move.

Xiao Qin Da Grasping and Hitting, also: small catching and hitting. A Taijiquan move.

Xiao Qin Na Small catch and push. A Taijiquan move.

Xiao Zhou Tian Small Circulation (literally “small heavenly circle”). An advanced Nei Dan Qi Gong technique in which Qi is circulated through the Conception and Governing Vessels.

Xia San Dao Jing Tui Cao Cao Triple Forward Move of the Halberd and Force Cao Cao Back or Three Steps Back to Frighten Cao Cao. A Taijiquan move.

Xia Shi see: She Shen Xia Shi.

Xie diagonal, slant, oblique.

Xie Bu Rest Stance.

Xie Gong Bu Diagonal Bow Stance.

Xie Fei Shi Diagonal Flying. A Taijiquan move.

Xie Xing Inclined/Diagonal/Oblique Posture or walking obliquely. A Taijiquan move.

Xie Xing Ao Bu Walking Obliquely Twist Step. A Taijiquan move.

Xin Heart, also meaning emotional mind or intention.

Xing (human) nature, character.

Xing Jin Shape Jin, meaning the power that can be seen physically.

Xing Ming Shuang Xiu “xing and ming practiced simultaneously”. Daoist approach to cultivate/develop both the mind and the body.

Xing Qi moving Qi. See also: Qi Gong.

Xingyiquan literally “form intention fist”. An internal martial art that is said to have been created by Yue Fei (1103-1142). It is based on five basic motions related to the Five Elements (Wu Xing), as well as motions corresponding to the twelve animals.

Xin Jia new frame. A style within Chen style Taijiquan. See also: Zhao Bao Jia.

Xinmen fontanelle (gap between the bones of an infant’s skull).

Xin Nian literally “believe think”, meaning faith, belief, conviction.

Xin Shen literally “heart spirit”, meaning (state of) mind or psychic constitution.

Xin Shen Bu Ning literally “heart-spirit not peaceful”, meaning being anxious and preoccupied, being distracted, wandering in thought.

Xin Xi Xiang Yi literally “heart and breathing are interdependent”.

Xin Yi literally “heart mind”, meaning the intention to do something that comes both from emotion and thought.

Xin Yuan Yi Ma literally “heart monkey mind horse” or “heart like a frisky monkey, mind like a cantering horse”. Meaning to be hyperactive or to have ants in one’s pants.

Xi Sui Jing literally “washing marrow/brain classic”, usually translated Marrow/Brain Washing Classic or Bone Marrow Cleansing. A Qi Gong form originated in the Shaolin monastery, with Da Mo often being credited as the creator.

Xiu Qi literally “cultivate Qi”, meaning to protect, maintain, and refine Qi.

Xiu Shen Si Ming literally “cultivate body and await doom/death”.

Xi Yuan Zhi literally “to tie the origin and stop”. A meditation technique.

Xu empty, unoccupied, void.

Xuan Feng Jiao Tornado Kick or Whirlwind Kick. A Taijiquan move.

Xu Bu Empty Stance or Insubstantial Stance.

Xu Chu (died ca. 230) a bodyguard to Cao Cao, portrayed in the Three Kingdoms novel. He was described as big and strong. Mentioned in the move Shang San Dao Xia Sha Xu Chu.


  1. blood.

  2. cavity, hole, acupuncture point. Points along the skin where the Qi channels (meridians) come closest to the surface of the body. They are used in traditional Chinese medicine to encourage the circulation of Qi and blood, to affect particular organs and the organism as a whole.

Xuehai acupuncture point 10 on the Spleen meridian (Sp-10), translated as Sea of Blood.

Xu Kong void, hollow, empty.

Xun one of the Eight Trigrams. See: Bagua.

Xun Jin Kou Xue capturing nerves and pressure points.

Xu Wu nothingness.

Now I hope you enjoyed this extract from The Taijiquan & Qi Gong Dictionary*! And if you want to put it on your bookshelf, you can easily get it at Amazon, just click on the picture below:

Happy Qi!


The Taijiquan & Qi Gong Dictionary - especially for Tai Chi beginners
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