Online Qi Gong exercises that take only 10 minutes

Imagine you have 10 minutes spare time (if you have only 5 minutes, click here). What will you do? Watch TV? Read? Clean up? Call a friend? I suggest: do some Qi Gong! I’ve compiled some videos with Qi Gong exercises that take only 10 minutes. They are easy to follow and you need no equipment. Just get up and move!

Let’s start with my favorite 10 minute Qi Gong video. This one is really calm and relaxed with very easy Qi Gong exercises. To me, this is the closest to how it used to be with my first teacher. If she would do videos, it would probably be like this:

In the following video, I also like the calm voice and the really nice background – I mean, who wouldn’t like to do Qi Gong in such a setting?!  AND you’ll learn a bit about the 5 elements!


This is another Qi Gong video in a really pleasant setting! It is specifically for the upper back and neck and I like to do it when I sat at the computer for just too long!


During the next video, there is quite a lot of talking. But I really like the moves they show. So I recommend you watch the video and continue the exercise even when they stop doing it to talk. It is so easy that you will instantly be able to do it without the video anyway. (And be careful if you have any spine issues! Just like any other Qi Gong exercise, be aware what your body can do and what not).


This is a set of wonderful Qi Gong exercises, explained well and easy to follow (only that one strange hand movement whirling in front of the head – I just don’t get how it’s done 🙂 )


The exercises in this video are all done seated (so basically if you sit now, you could start right away). Though there is a little echo in the room, it is wonderful that the ladies smile and just have fun during the exercises!


Now this last video is a mystery to me. I think it must have been filmed some time ago. There are no explanations, just someone giving Chinese instructions. Yet, the movements are easy to follow if you’ve done a bit of Qi Gong before. I guess this is how it must be to learn in China: you don’t understand a word and just try to do that the teacher does.


Well, I hope you had a wonderful time doing some Qi Gong exercises! If you want more, I’ve also compiled videos with just 5 minutes of Qi Gong.

Happy Qi!


Note: I am not a doctor. So if you have any health issues, go see your doctor. Qi Gong exercises (from Qi Gong videos) are usually harmless when done correctly, still they can be very effective. Just make sure to never go past the point of pain and take care of your health.

online Qi Gong exercises (10-minute videos)



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