List of Live Online Tai Chi Classes & Qi Gong Classes during Corona

As many Tai Chi and Qi Gong schools are closed, teachers and students turn to learn online. And I think it is amazing how we can benefit from technology.

And there are so many options! To help you find one for you, I create this list. I want to show you the many live online Tai Chi classes & Qi Gong classes that are available right now.

Let’s get through this crisis together and take our time to practice!

List of live online Tai Chi Classes and Qi Gong classes

I created a calendar so you can check which class will be offered next. I hope it works! And if you have any comments or additional live online classes, feel free to contact me!

Time should be your local class (I use this calendar program for the first time). But you can also check within the description.

Click on the class that is interesing for you – and remember that for some free classes you need to get in touch with the teacher first!

Calendar for FREE live online Qi Gong classes & Tai Chi

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For now I will concentrate on LIVE classes. Many classes will be recorded, so you can check them later. But in this list I concentrate on LIVE online classes for Tai Chi (Taijiquan) and Qi Gong.

Below is a list with even more online courses. Some lessons are for free, some are paid. It list is in no particular order. I thought about ordering it by country (because of the time zones), but I decided not to. I want to give you the opportunity to practice whenever wherever from teachers all over the world. We, as Tai Chi and Qi Gong practicioners, are a truly global community! Let’s celebrate that with some awesome online classes!

Live online Tai Chi classes and Qi Gong classes

If you know of a live online Tai Chi teacher or Qi Gong teacher who is not listed here, feel free to contact me and send me the link to their homepage.

If you still cannot find something, check out my list of 5-Minute-Qi Gong videos or 10-minute-Qi Gong videos.

And no matter where you are: remember to breath! It’s even more important during a crisis to take your breaks and unwind. You will make better choices when you are relaxed.

Happy Qi!


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