15+ great Qi Gong gift ideas

Do you have a friend who loves Qi Gong? Or are you looking for a Qi Gong gift for your teacher?

Actually one does not need a lot of things to do Qi Gong. That’s what I really like about it.

But what if you don’t want to simply hand over a class voucher (which would be a nice idea actually!)? Well, I researched for some nice Qi Gong gift ideas for you. I am sure you’ll find something suitable (just click on the pictures)!

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Let’s start with a book. Because when learning Qi Gong, you will be confronted with many Chinese words and terms. Do you understand them all? Or would you like to have a book where you can quickly find out the meaning:

Now what about some T-Shirts? I like these because they are very simple:

Obvioulsy you can find many more Qi Gong T-Shirts*. Just as well as cell phone cases* or stickers* for Qi Gong enthusiasts. And tea mugs are very popular among Qi Gong people, too. So why not choose a nice mug and get some delicious Chinese tea from a local store?

I think most people who practice Qi Gong also meditate. And if not it would be really beneficial for them to start! I like to make my meditation spot beautiful and cozy. It’s just much more fun to go to a place I feel comfortable in!

Actually you could add a singing bowl to the meditation pillow. I just like the sound so much!

Another aspect related to Qi Gong is the Chinese art of calligraphy. I am intrigued by those wonderful black strokes. I think this book and calligraphy set would make a nice gift together:

And now something very personal. Maybe it is not so related to Qi Gong, but I am currently a little obsessed with the Flower of Life. I am fascinated by this sacred geometric pattern! I know many people talk about the meaning of it, that it appears in many ancient places etc. I actually don’t care about all that I just LOVE that pattern. I just love to look at it.

So these are 18 Qi Gong gift ideas. If you haven’t found the right thing yet, have a look at these other posts with gift ideas:

I am sure you will find something to give to a Qi Gong enthusiast!

Happy Qi!


P.S.: This is a gift I actually wasn’t sure if I wanted to show it. It’s a Qi Gong certificate*! It’s meant to be a gag, but I think there are so many questions and misuse concerning certificates that it is a bit strange to hand out a fake Qi Gong certificate. But it exists. So whoever says they have a certificate, have a close look at it!








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