Qi Gong music – my recommendations (music CDs and free YouTube videos)

Before I give you my recommendations of Qi Gong music, let me tell you a short story.

I once went to a Qi Gong trial class. I got into the building, a Taijiquan and Qi Gong school, and I really liked it there. The teacher was friendly, the other students were friendly and I felt really comfortable. It was obviously a group that liked and knew each other well from years of learning together.

Then we got into the room and after some introductory words, the teacher said: “let’s start. I will put the Qi Gong music on.”

Now turn the music up (yes, the music in that class was really loud, speakers on full volume) and listen to this (don’t look at the man, he was not my teacher and he actually looks really nice). But listen to it and you’ll hear what I’ve gotten myself into:

Right. A female voice started screaming at me with some great Chinese music!

And that continued for 90 minutes. It really felt like Chinese aerobic. The Qi Gong exercises felt good, but relaxation? Nope. Enjoying silence and connecting body and mind? Nope.

And even though I liked the group and the teacher, I did not go there again. I already have a noisy life with my two young kids. When I go to class I want to wind down and learn. And honestly, having someone screaming Chinese numbers at me is not really that relaxing.

What amazed me the most was that the other students really enjoyed the class. And I totally understand the pleasure of using music for your Qi Gong practice. Especially in Qi Gong for beginners classes, music is a great way to relax.

Only I prefer much more chilled music. And if you do, too, here is a list of some fine music for Qi Gong. I will start with music that you can buy at Amazon, so you can just put on a music CD. Later I will also give you some recommendations from YouTube, but to listen to them, you need to have you computer online. Personally, I usually prefer to keep my laptop shut when I practice!

Qi Gong music from Amazon

(click on the picture or on the link to get directed to Amazon – listen to the samples when possible!)

This Qi Gong music has some great reviews on Amazon!

I like that these two songs are around 30 minutes each – often times, songs are just for a couple of minutes.

This one is even 1 hour long:

And here is some Qi gong meditation music:

And someone in a Facebook group (I forgot where) once recommended this music CD:

If you are not sure which kind of Qi Gong music you like, try some free music videos first. There are so many on YouTube! These are some that I like:

Free Qi Gong YouTube music

This is birds chirping with a little music for almost 1 hour!

If you don’t like the birds, try this 1-hour-music-video:

This music video is even 3 hours. But no birds, just water and some music in the background. Personally, I do not like that water/wave sound because it makes me wanna pee 😉

But there are also shorter videos, e.g. this one is 45 minutes:

You can find much more free Qi Gong videos on YouTube. Just search for “Qi Gong music” or “meditation music” or maybe you like Tibetan Bowls. (I actually bought a CD with Tibetan bowl music in my local tibetan bowl shop. That is really my preferred music!).

Now all this music so far has been quite generic. Which means you can do basically any Qi Gong exercise with it. But there is also music available for specific Qi Gong set. These are some I have found already. I will expand this list whenever I find a new set!

Qi Gong music for specific Qi Gong sets

Acutally you can also look for your set and you’ll find many Qi Gong videos online – usually with some music.

If you still do not have enough options, I will soon write about Tai Chi music, so stay tuned!

Now enjoy your oractice and as always: happy Qi!




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