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What is Mingmen? And where is Mingmen located?

There are a couple of acupuncture points which you should know when you practice Taijiquan and Qi Gong. The most important point (or rather energy field) is the Dantian. And I already talked about where is Dantian and the day I discovered my Dantian.

Now I want to talk about the Mingmen. This acupoint is located at the back. Continue reading

The 5 best TCM books

Once you start engaging more and more with Qi Gong and Taijiquan, you eventually will be confronted with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It’s all about Yin & Yang, the 5 elements, meridians etc. All that might sound a bit strange in the beginning, especially as there are so many foreign Chinese words. 😉 But it’s really not that hard to understand. There are a couple of really good TCM books.

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