Why you should go to a pedicure if you do Taijiquan

Now, in summertime, you can see them again: naked feet! And I think, everyone should go to pedicure, especially if you practice Taijiquan.

go pedicure if you do Taijiquan - take care of your feet

Because your feet carry you through your whole life. But when was the last time you took care of your feet?

Our feet are just so important because they ground us. They are our connection to the Earth. Did you know there are 6 meridians at your feet? Just like there are 6 meridians on your hands! One particularly important point on the sole of the foot is the beginning of the Kidney meridian: “Bubbling Well” (also Gushing Spring or Yong Quan). Maybe your Taijiquan teacher already talked about that.

But why do we care more about our hands than our feet?

Especially as a Taijiquan beginner, when you are not familiar with the form yet, you might have the tendency to put more emphasis on your hands. I mean, your arms are just in front of you, so they are naturally more in your focus.

However, your feet and legs are more important than your hands in Taijiquan. The correct position of your feet and legs will help you to stabilize. It is just easier to stand!

So get your feet into your focus. Support them doing their work. Let them be healthy and relaxed. Doing a lot of Taijiquan and Qi Gong helps, as well as wearing good shoes. A pedicure is another soothing way to give your feet a break!

Your feet will thank you for some extra care!

Happy Qi!


Note: I think men should take care of their feet, too. Try it!


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