11 interesting Tai Chi Push Hands books — I bought these 2

If you read my blog regularly (there is a new post at least every Friday), you might know that I struggle with Tai Chi Pushing Hands (Tui Shou). And I know that a lot of people just keep saying “keep doing it” and “you only learn about it by doing it”, I am the kind of gal who likes a book. Of course I had a look at all the Tai Chi Push Hands books. If I want to conquer a topic, I get myself a book.

First let me show you some of the Tai Chi Push Hand books I found. They all seem to be interesting, maybe you want to add one to your book shelf. You can click on the picture and will be directed to Amazon. Further below I will share which books I bought for myself to start my sticky hands reading journey.

Tai Chi Push Hands books





Now those are really lot of pushing hands books! I mean, all these people saying you need to learn Pushing Hands by doing it, but still there are many books. I decided to buy these two books:

“The Push Hands Workbook” by Nando Reynolds*: this seems to be a very detailed book for beginners. There are many explanations on various Tai Chi Push Hand drills and Push Hands techniques. To me, this book seems to be the most “hands on” book among the Push Hands books.

Additionally I bought “Tai Ji Tui Shou” by Stuart Alve Olson. Because I know the author from one of my favorite Tai Chi books: “Steal My Art”*, which is a biography of T.T. Liang. I thought, if I like that book, I just might try the book about Push Hands, too!

Then I considered buying the book “The Theoretical Basis of T’ai Chi Ch’uan” by Robert Amacker, but it is only available for Kindle. And I prefer to have my Tai Chi books in real paper! But it has really good reviews.

It will take me months, if not years, to get through the two books. I mean, that’s what a good book is about, right? That there is enough in it for it to become a permanent reference. I know that a Push Hands book cannot substitute the actual doing. But I love to learn more about Pushing Hands theory and refine my Tai Chi techniques.

Now what do you think about Tai Chi Push Hand books? Which one would you recommend? Please tell me in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “11 interesting Tai Chi Push Hands books — I bought these 2

  1. Manu

    HI. I have not read these books but might do.
    You can try something quite funny: hang from your ceiling (or the children swing in your garden) one of these big yoga balls. Make it at hands level. Now you can do push hands with very uncooperative partner. Stick to the ball and careful if you need a strong push from time to time cause the ball will come back to you furiously ;-))

  2. Christian

    Hi Angelika,

    I’ve got most of these. The one by Paul Crompton is quite accessible. You might also want to look at the book by Nigel Sutton Tai chi: from Form to Function.

    There is also one in German on Chen style pushing hands – Schiebende Haende by Jan Silberstoff.

    Viel Spass!

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