Yang style Tai Chi 108 movements


  • Hi. Appreciate if you provide me taichi movement with picture

  • Hi, I am working on more pictures, in the mean time you can just google it and look at some pictures! Angelika

  • I was hoping to find the 108 moves written out completely so I could blow them up very large and put them where I could see them.l I have the moves in a pamphlet but I was hoping to avoid putting them all into a spread sheet. Oh Well.
    I have been practicing almost 40 years but not regularly and I certainly know it if I miss four or five days. my memory forgets what comes next, but usually my body does remember. Amazing really. I am 77 years old.

  • so wonderful, that you’ve practiced for such a long time!
    You could copy the text into a document and then print it really large!

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