16 places I have practised Qi Gong at

You can do Qi Gong basically everywhere – and I have practiced it in many “normal” and strange places!

  1. Qi Gong school: well, that’s not an unusual place to do Qi Gong. But I definitely have learned and practiced at lot there!
  2. My living room: when I practice at home, I prefer the living room. I know others who go to the kitchen, but in my case, it’s the living room.
  3. Small empty room: at one point I was lucky to have a small room in my apartment specifically dedicated to my training! It was completely empty and I enjoyed going there every day.
  4. Park: I often forget that this in an option, too. There is actually a really nice park close to where I live. Especially in summer it is very refreshing (though I really think mosquitos should be banned from all Qi Gong places)!
  5. Hotel room: A few years ago I spent most of my nights in hotels. That was the time I worked really a lot, so Qi Gong was truly beneficial to me. I had my own routine for the morning to get up and for the evening to calm down again.
  6. Balcony: Actually it was a hotel balcony in Muscat, Oman. It was so wonderfully warm outside during the evenings and nights. Relaxing became really easy.
  7. Beach: I like that – practicing Qi Gong while looking at water: everything flows!
  8. Top of the mountain: I once did a hike with a Qi Gong group. We started really early and reached the top in the late morning. Practicing up there with a group of nice people – it truly was a WOW-moment!
  9. University: I once taught Qi Gong at university. We pushed all the tables to the side and just started.
  10. Music room (at a school): This was a big room filled with various instruments, guitars, and a big black piano in the front.
  11. Gym: Most of the workshops I have visited so far happened in school gyms. But I have to admit, especially the larger gyms – I find them rather annoying. The echo makes understanding hard and the group of students gets “lost” in those big halls. But if I want to see a certain master, I just bear those circumstances.
  12. At a trade fair: yes, I did Qi Gong in the middle of various booths! Together with more than 50 others and a loooooot of background noise.
  13. Fitness center: The very first Qi Gong lesson I took was in a fitness center in Sweden. After a few hours I really knew most body parts in Swedish. And if you ever happen to be in Sweden: “slappna av” means “relax”!
  14. Retirement home: The room itself was quite ok, however it was a bit unusual to be among so many women at least 40 years older than me.
  15. Office toilet: yes, I practiced at the office rest room. Back then, I shared a very tiny office with 3 colleagues. So the only way to do some exercises was to go to the bathroom. Obviously the atmosphere isn’t the best. But at least I could do something to recharge myself for a couple of minutes.
  16. Delivery room: I did a lot of Qi Gong during both my pregnancies, especially pelvic circling. And I did just that during labor. It was actually comforting to relax into a well-known movement.


As you can imagine, I would like to encourage you to practice Qi Gong in more than one place. It really gives you a whole new persepctive.

In case you wonder: my favorite shoes for outdoor practice are very similar to these shoes in black.  I like that they don’t look to much like training shoes. So when I come from the park I can just get into my favorite café and enjoy a cup of tea!

And there are other people who think you can practice Qi Gong just anywhere, as I’ve found in this video:


And now I am of course very curious: where did YOU practice Qi Gong already?


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