What is a Pipa?

You probably know the movement “play the pipa”. Some call it “strum the lute” or “play guitar”. And I asked myself, what does this music instrument actually look like? What is a pipa? Well, here it is (you could actually buy a Pipa on Amazon*):

Flickr - dalbera - Lingling Yu au pipa en concert (musée Guimet, Paris).jpg

The instrument is being held in front of the body, one hand up, one hand down. Just as it is done in the Taijiquan move!

I also found a nice video, so you know how the pipa sounds. And within the first minute you can see, that the upper hand can reach quite far up!

So now I recommend you just get up and “play the Pipa”! Or maybe you want to get the actual instrument, it is even available on Amazon*!

Or if you would like to know more about Tai Chi moves, I recommend my article about the meaning of “grasp a bird’s tail”!

Happy Qi!




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