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How the world would change if Qi Gong was as trendy as Yoga

I have to admit: I am tired of explaining what Qi Gong is. I mean, everyone knows what Yoga is (or at least everyone has an idea). But when I say that I practice Qi Gong, many people have a BIG question mark on their face.

Then I read an article with reasons why Qi Gong will be bigger than Yoga in 16 years. And during the last weeks I fantasized about what the world would look like if Qi Gong was as trendy as Yoga. (Important: I don’t want to diss Yoga. Do Yoga if you like it! Do what makes your heart sing! For me, that’s Qi Gong and Taijiquan. And I would love to see these Chinese arts being incredibly popular.) Continue reading

The diversity of standing still or what you can learn from trees

Some time ago I went on a short trip to the countryside. I stayed at a farm with a wonderful garden full of trees – apples, pears, and plums. And while sitting there, I noticed how different all the trees were! There were young and old trees that needed support, straight trees, slanting trees, one tree even had a twisted trunk. Of course all of them looked just fantastic! Continue reading