Being a bloody beginner after 15 years

The importance of daily practice is well known among Taijiquan students. There is even a saying

“one day missed is 10 days back”

Well, I really fell off the practicing bandwaggon. I am sooooo ashamed to say this but: I haven’t practiced more than 15 minutes in a session for MONTHS. Yes, occassionally I practiced for 10 minutes or so.

But basically I did not practice. And if I apply the saying above, it’s really sad. I went back like 8-10 years.

It actually feels even worse. There’s this sweet innocence of beginners: they know they don’t know anything.

But for me it’s the feeling of knowing I don’t know anything but I should know better.

I mean, I know how good it is to practice. I know how much I benefit from Taijiquan and Qi Gong.

I did not practice properly for so long that I even forgot large parts of my Taiji form!

And still, I don’t start. Stupid lazy me (I say this in the most kind & loving way. At least I did not forget kindness).

It’s frustrating. It’s embarrassing.

Well, I am officially a bloody beginner again. This is my chance to enjoy the ride. Again.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress!


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