Cheng Manching books (written by him, his students & other)

There are a lot of Cheng Manching books – some written by the Professor himself, others by his students and some translated even after his death.

(Just in case that you don’t know yet: Cheng Manching (also Zheng Manqing) was a student of Yang Chengfu. Moving to New York in 1964 he is considered the one who brought Taijiquan to the West. He taught until his death in 1975. As some of his students are still alive and actively promoting his Tai Chi in the USA and all around the world, his 37 postures form is still very popular.)

Because there are so many books available, I decided to devide them in books written by Cheng Manching himself, by his students and by others.

Cheng Manching books (written by himself)

Cheng Manching book: Cheng Tzu's Thirteen Treatises on T'ai Chi  Ch'uan

Books by Cheng Manching students

More books about Cheng Manching

If you still haven’t got enough of Cheng Manching books, I would also like to show you Scott Meredith books! He is a student of Benjamin Lo and you might know him, because he is a blogger, too. I actually interviewed Scott here!

And after all these books, you might want to have a look at the most interesting Cheng Manching videos!

Happy Qi!



  • Dear Angelika,

    Do you know how I might find Prof. Cheng’s book on the I-ching, either in the original Chinese or in translation?

    Many thanks


  • Dear Tom,
    I am sorry, but I am not sure about a book about the I-Ching, do you know the name of it?

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