Who is Tai Chi good for?


Well, that’s a rather broad answer to the question who is Tai Chi good for. But I think it’s really true! Tai Chi benefits everyone and even better: everyone can practice Tai Chi!

But to make it a bit more specific, this is a long list of people / situations / conditions where you can enjoy the Tai Chi moves:

Who is Tai Chi good for

  • Secretaries and assistants – because Tai Chi really helps to focus and you’ll need that when you have to go through another 1,000 meetings
  • Managers – because Tai Chi is a martial art and its fighting principles could help you in the corporate world
  • Business Consultants – because I was one when I started Tai Chi and it really helped me to do that challenging job
  • Mums – because you can do it among your kids (and avoiding to step on Lego will help you with your stepping skills!)
  • Students – because you don’t need to buy expensive equipment and practicing at home is free!
  • Digital Nomads – because teachers are all around the globe
  • Old people – Tai Chi for seniors will increase your balance, memory, and it is safe to do under many conditions
  • People with all kinds of issues (Alzheimer, Diabetes, Cancer etc.) – because there is a lot of scientific prove how beneficial Tai Chi Chuan is
  • Gardeners – enjoy all the work you put into your garden while doing Tai Chi and Qi Gong in it! (and it will benefit your knees after you pulled up another gazillions of weed)
  • Doctors – because it will be your entryway into holistic healing
  • Teachers – because it can help you to stay calm when hell breaks loose in class
  • Taxi drivers – because you can actually do the Tai Chi form in your mind while waiting for the next client
  • Lawyers – because that robe will just look better when you have good posture
  • Artists – because you will get really great ideas when you quiet your mind and concentrate on your body
  • Musicians – because it will help you to relax that shoulder (Violin, anyone?)
  • Soldiers – because you’ll learn how to stand still for a long time and actually enjoy it
  • Ballet dancers – because it will give your body an opportunity to move naturally with the same need for details
  • Karate fighters – because Tai Chi is knee-friendly
  • Truck drivers – because you can do it on any truck stop
  • Waitresses – because you will get fast in catching falling glasses
  • … to be continued… 😉

I hope I answered your question “who is Tai Chi good for”. If you are still not convinced that Tai Chi is for you, read all the benefits that I get from practicing it!

And then you should try Tai Chi for health. Or start with some Qi Gong exercises. Go to some trial classes and find a good teacher for you.

Happy Qi!


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