How much are Tai Chi classes? A comparison of NYC, London & Munich

If you wonder how much are Tai Chi classes, the costs can really vary a lot. There are different factors you need to consider. Like, do you live in an expensive city (New York City, anyone)? Do you buy 10 classes or do you enroll for a monthly fee? Do you book only one class per week or more, how famous is the teacher? etc.

So it’s actually hard to say a general number, but I was just curious and wanted to find out the cost of a Tai Chi class. And these were my parameters:

  • I looked for Tai Chi lessons in New York City, London, and Munich (Germany, because I live here!).
  • I only considered the fees if you buy Tai Chi lessons in bulk, like 10 classes for x$ or 12 classes for y€ (I call that “bulk cards”) and then calculated how much you would pay per lesson.
  • I based my calculation on the fees from 7 schools in New York, 7 in London, and 8 in Munich.
  • I used exchange rates from January 2017.
  • Even though lessons can be 60, 75 or 90 minutes, I found that 60 minutes can even be more expensive than 90 minutes. Thus I did not calculate per minute prices, but just “per lesson” prices.
  • I did not look specifically at Tai Chi for beginners classes, because I think most often the fees are the same for all Tai Chi students.
  • I used exchange rates from January 2017.

Based on all these assumptions and conditions, this is my result:

How much are Tai Chi classes (per lesson)

Table "how much are Tai Chi classes" in New York, London, Munich

Well, now what to do with these numbers? I think as a rule of thumb you should expect fees to range from 10$/10£/10€ up to 20$/20£/20€. I know, that is very vague! But as I said before, there are so many different factors, so it’s really hard to tell how much Tai Chi classes are!

Thus you really need to have a look at the teachers in your area and compare. And then go to trial lessons! And actually I would recommend that if you want to learn Tai Chi, you should compare QUALITY, not price! You really invest in your health and thus you want to get the most for your money.

If you are not sure what to look for in a teacher, just have a look at my list of how to find the right teacher.

Happy Qi!


how much are Tai Chi classes NYC, London, Munich