20 wonderful Tai Chi gift ideas

Do you know someone who loves Tai Chi (also Tai Chi Chuan or Taijiquan) and you want to give him/her a gift? Because it’s Christmas or his birthday or just because you like pushing hands with her? I have collected many Tai Chi gift ideas, from common things like T-Shirts to music and even statues.

I am sure you’ll find something you like. (Just click on the picture and you can buy the gifts easily)

Let’s start with the usual: T-Shirts. I mean, we always wear T-Shirts to practice. I prefer simple prints, like these:

And as most Tai Chi people love to drink tea, why not get a nice mug?

Additionally, you could go to your local tea store and get a nice Chinese tea for your Tai Chi friend!

Or you could add this documentary about Cheng Manching. I think a mug, tea, and this film will make a perfect Tai Chi movie night for any Tai Chi practitioner!

Maybe you like to listen to music while you practice? When I wrote about celebrites who are doing Taijiquan & Qi Gong, I found out that Lou Reed actually made music specifically for his own practice:

Now look at these little statues. I think they would look nice on a book shelf or in a studio:

And finally, Tai Chi is all about Yin & Yang. So obviously, you could just choose one of the many Yin Yang gifts available. They range from jewelry to candle holders and even peanuts! (You can find many more Yin Yang gifts at Amazon.)

If you haven’t found anything on my list of 20 wonderful Tai Chi gift ideas, you could have a look at these others posts with many ideas, books and recommendations:

I am sure you’ll find something for any Tai Chi enthusiast!

Happy Qi!






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