14 Top Tai Chi blogs (with interviews)

I like to read blogs about Tai Chi (Taijiquan). So much that I started my own blog about it! And during the last years I actually found a gazillion of Tai Chi / Taijiquan blogs – you can find all of them at here (including Qi Gong blogs).

However, it is a really long list and some bloggers are not active currently. So I had a closer look at those blogs. And to identify the Top Tai Chi blogs I counted the number of posts in 2015, had a look at Google and added my personal preferences. And ta-dah! Here they are (in alphabetical order). I actually started interviewing the bloggers, if you want to get to know them just click on “interview”!

14 Top Tai Chi Blogs

Best Tai Chi Videos Online

Bloke on the Path – Interview with Christian Birch

Cook Ding’s Kitchen – Interview with Rick Matz

Kung Fu Tea

Slanted Flying

Steel & Cotton – Interview with Scott M. Rodell

Tabby Cat Gamespace – Interview with Scott Meredith

Tai Chi Chuan and Philosophy – Interview with Martin Bödicker

Tai Chi Heartwork

Tai Chi Master

The Tai Chi Notebook – Interview with Graham Barlow

The Way of Least Resistance

Violet Li Tai Chi – Interview with Violet Li

Weakness with a Twist – Interview with Scott Phillips

Though these blogs all cover Tai Chi, they are quite different. However, they are all great to discover and to get deeper into Tai Chi. I hope you find some you like among them. Some post only about Tai Chi, some talk about martial arts or other topics as well. Just find those blogs and posts you like the most!

Happy Qi!



22 thoughts on “14 Top Tai Chi blogs (with interviews)

  1. Angelika Fritz Post author

    Yes, I have seen it, you find it under “Qi Blogs” where I list all the other blogs.

    There are just so many fantastic blogs, It was really hard for me to boil it down to 15. Actually I wanted to go for the Top 10 Tai Chi blogs but then I got 15!

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  11. Angelika Fritz Post author

    Hi Anthony,

    I actually discovered your great blog AFTER I wrote the Top 15 list. NOW you are definitely on my Top list, I really like your articles, especially when you write about the future of Qi Gong (will it be bigger than Yoga? when is the tipping point? I hope soon!).


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  13. Laura E. Mirian

    Thank you Angelika.
    I have been practicing Qigong and TaiChi for several years. I just moved to Tucson Arizona from San Francisco and am starting anew with a very good Master. I like your blog and will continue to connect with it.

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