World Tai Chi Day: what it is & why you should go!

Imagine this: on the last Saturday in April, wherever you live, there will be people practicing Tai Chi and Qi Gong from 10-12 local time. So in 2018 World Tai Chi Day will be on April 28th.

World Tai Chi Day

And it’s for free! Especially as a beginner, World Tai Chi Day is a fantastic opportunity to get to know local teachers. Just go there, do some Qi Gong and Tai Chi exercises and talk to the people. It’s good for your health and it’s just one morning. I think that’s an easy way to learn Tai Chi. And you most likely can have a glimpse at more advanced Tai Chi people and various styles.

I always enjoy to go to my local event. It feels like class reunion, when so many different students, teachers, and styles meet in the park.

If you feel unsure as how those events are like, just have a look at this map with many World Tai Chi Day World videos from around the world (click on a red marker, then on the picture to see a local video!):

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I think it is amazing that the events look quite similar all around the globe. No matter what color or nationality or whatever, everyone just enjoys the Tai Chi moves and Qi Gong exercises

. It really is One World – or at least One Tai Chi World!

So if you want to find an event close to you, you can search for one here.  Or if you happen to live in Germany, Austria or Switzerland: I created a map for Welt Tai Chi & Qi Gong Tag with all events in the German speaking area I could find!

But I think advanced Qi Gong and Tai Chi practitioners benefit from World Tai Chi Day, too. After I moved to Munich I went to my first World Tai Chi Day in Munich last year. I met a lot of

other enthusiasts and it is just a good thing to know other people in the local Tai Chi and Qi Gong scene.

But what if there is no event offered in your city? Well, just organize one yourself!

Especially if you are a teacher, you might find some new students. If I were you, I would scout a nice spot for the event, list it at the official World Tai Chi page, post it on Facebook etc., tell my students and friends about it, maybe even inform the local newspaper. And then – just have fun!

So if you want to offer your local event, you might just need some more background information. These are the

Key Facts about World Tai Chi Day

  • 1st World Tai Chi & Qi Gong Day was held 1999 in Kansas City, founded by Bill Douglas
  • Events are organized locally and free of charge
  • Time: last Saturday in April, 10-12 local time
  • Motto is “One World … One Breath”
  • Starting in Auckland, events spread all over the world and end in Hawaii
  • Events are held in 80 countries and 100s of cities (including New York City, Beijing, Jerusalem, Tehran, Cape Town, Milano, Berlin, etc.)
  • In 2016 there will be a live stream from events all other the world (more info on this Facebook page)
  • Find out more on the official webpage:

And now I just want to wish you all a wonderful World Tai Chi & Qi Gong Day!

Happy Qi!


By the way, you surely want to save the dates for the upcoming World Tai Chi Days, always the last Saturday in April:

  • April 25th, 2020
  • April 24th, 2021
  • April 30th, 2022


11 thoughts on “World Tai Chi Day: what it is & why you should go!

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  2. Alain

    Bonjour, merci pour cette belle initiative!!!!!
    je remarque que sur la carte la France est vide de toutes manifestations….est ce une erreur? un manque d’informations? ou la triste réalité…..?

    1. Angelika Fritz Post author

      Bonjour! I am quite sure there are events in France, only I haven’t found videos about them on YouTube! If you see one feel free to eMail me the link and I will put it onto the map!

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