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How many people practice Tai Chi Chuan / Taijiquan?

Some days ago, I wanted to find out how many people practice Tai Chi (Taijiquan). And I stumbled across a sentence in this article:

“It is estimated that Tai Chi has the largest group of practitioners in the world as a form of exercise.”

Say WHAT??? So far, everyone I talked to, told me that there are so few people doing Taijiquan. And that Yoga dominates everything. As the article is from 2008, I thought maybe it is outdated. I mean, the Yoga trend has clearly picked up some traction since then.

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Why it’s important to practice what you’ve learnt in Taijiquan or Qi Gong class

Qialance blogger Angelika Fritz with Chen Bin at a Chen style Taijiquan workshop

Recently I went to a workshop with Chen Bin, son of Chen Zhenglei. It was about the Chen style basics, so we did a lot of pole standing (Zhan Zhuang), Silk Reeling exercises (Chan Si Gong) and footwork.

And of course, Chen Bin talked to us about various other topics. At one point he talked about how important it is to not only go to class, but to practice for oneself, too. That class is to LEARN something, but it is necessary to PRACTICE it, too. He gave a really good example of that:

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My story about practicing Qi Gong and Taijiquan/Tai Chi during pregnancy

Qialance blogger Angelika - Qi Gong and Tai Chi during pregnancy

Are you one of the women who wonder if you can practice Qi Gong and Taijiquan/Tai Chi during pregnancy? Even though I cannot give you any medical advice, I am a mother of two wonderful children. And I would love to share my own personal story about doing Qi Gong and Tai Chi during pregnancy.

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