The 12 best Tai Chi books

As I just started reading English books on Tai Chi Chuan (I am from Germany), I wanted to find out what are the best Tai Chi books. So I made my own wishlist of best Tai Chi books based on several recommendations I found all over the internet:

The best Tai Chi books

So if you plan to get more into Tai Chi Chuan, why don’t you choose one of these books and start reading?

And of course I will keep you updated on the books I read. Some of them have already arrived. I am looking really forward to dive into them!

Qialance_best Tai Chi booksSo I think within the next couple of months you will find MANY book reviews here at Qialance!

Happy Qi!



P.S.: Maybe you are also interested in the best Qi Gong books!


10 thoughts on “The 12 best Tai Chi books

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    1. Kieran

      Hi Angelika, I have four of these books, plus a few others, Dr Yang Jwing Ming is one to look up.

  2. Dave Gardner

    Hi Angelika,
    Thank you for your great website.
    I have been a tai chi teacher for about 7 years now and have taught simple to complex forms
    to a number of people. I subscribed to your site because when I ask people if they have practiced
    (it is apparent when they do) I’m often told “no, not much”.
    Obviously those who understand the principles are more likely than beginners to benefit from practice
    because they can flow through the forms.
    I have been looking for ideas to stimulate beginners to spend the time practicing. What you suggest
    here is very helpful. I will send them your contact information!
    Warm Regards,

    1. Angelika Fritz Post author

      thank you for your kind words!
      yes, I truly want people to do Taijiquan and Qi Gong more. Because one only benefits when on practices!

  3. lin

    All books ok .. best to have a good teacher & train every day before breakfast. I started learning Taijiquan in Singapore in 1971 when I was teaching there & continue to train every morning 6-7am. cheers, lin
    you could contact .. James Tan in Rottweil Germany

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